Appreciation — Goes A Long Way!

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Image 7 - AppreciationExpressing appreciation sounds simple and a nice thing to do. Yet so many people feel unappreciated. We are moving extremely fast, multitasking and sometimes not even looking up. This craziness causes some leaders to focus more on what is not working and be critical towards others causing a decrease in employee morale and engagement.

Leaders with this type of behavior, damage relationships and may have a negative impact on results. Building and sustaining relationships is crucial to business success. Notice a leader who is great at building relationships and you will see his/her people will go the extra mile to make it happen!

Being mindful of focusing on the positives and strengths of people will build confidence and increase the willingness to do their best work. This not to say providing constructive feedback is not important. It is very important. It should be provided in a timely professional manner in the spirit of development and increasing performance.

When was the last time you looked up, showed some appreciation and made someone’s day?