Kathleen Trice

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Kathleen Trice Senior Consultant, Bercume Associates, Inc. Transitional Coach/Business Development Kathy@bercumeassociates.com   Kathleen brings executive level business development experience across a broad range of disciplines. Her experience has enabled her to establish client relationships, identify solutions … Read More

Appreciation — Goes A Long Way!

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Expressing appreciation sounds simple and a nice thing to do. Yet so many people feel unappreciated. We are moving extremely fast, multitasking and sometimes not even looking up. This craziness causes some leaders to focus more … Read More

Building Alignment

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Building alignment is the act of gaining buy-in for your vision and it’s absolutely critical in moving from imagination to reality. It is people-centric and can be complex and unpredictable like human relationships. Effective leaders approach … Read More

Who is Your Ideal Client?

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Do some clients energize you and some drain your energy? What percentage of your clients energize you?   As a business owner, especially a new business owner, we are quick to say yes to take on … Read More

First and Last Impressions

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When interacting with others we tend to make our first impressions within about 30 seconds. Given that networking, particularly in person, is a core component to building your business, it is important to focus on our … Read More

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