Building Alignment

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Image 6 - Building-AlignmentBuilding alignment is the act of gaining buy-in for your vision and it’s absolutely critical in moving from imagination to reality. It is people-centric and can be complex and unpredictable like human relationships.

Effective leaders approach building alignment assuming that employees are self-motivated, can solve problems creatively, and will exercise self-direction if they are committed to objectives.  These leaders build alignment with deliberation, even passion.  They know that it is going to take everyone’s energy to make a vision happen.

Alignment is a dynamic, ongoing process that requires continual monitoring and realigning as conditions and needs change.

The Importance of Building Alignment:

  1. Alignment conserves time and energy.
  2. Alignment provides a forum for questions and concerns.
  3. Alignment unites and excites people around a vision.

Each Driver of Alignment — Clarity, Dialogue, and Inspiration –  is critical to building both emotional and relational buy-in for a vision.

Some Key Questions to consider while Building Alignment:

  • For Clarity:  What do they know, need to know or want to know?
  • For Dialogue:  What questions or concerns might they have about the vision?
  • For Inspiration:  What motivates them?

Building alignment is the key to creating and sustaining a successful business!

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