Future Thinking Bercume Associates

A Simulation for Visioning, Planning, and Decision-Making


In a recent post-recession global survey, CEOs stated that more than 89% of organizations are undergoing major changes, and that those changes are more complex than we have ever witnessed. To compete and win in this economy, companies must be more nimble, decisive, and more adaptable than they may realize.

How can organizations and their employees adjust to this “new normal”?

Stepping outside the status quo and exploring “future thinking” is the first step toward shifting mindsets.

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The “Future Game” is a learning simulation set in the Australian Outback that guides participants through a series of critical decisions impacting the future. Teams will produce one of four possible futures that reward collaboration and innovation while highlighting the dangers of status quo thinking. Time will be included for participants to relate their Outback experience to the business challenges they face at work, with the goal of developing an agile mindset to navigate rapid change.



  • Demonstrate how careful planning assists organizations in achieving the future they aspire to create
  • Identify the “triple bottom line” of social, environmental and economic factors impacting organizations
  • Build awareness of the key elements and drivers of decision-making that contribute to a solid strategic plan or future vision for organizations
  • Explore the power of team collaboration to create and plan for future investment and operational decisions


Additional Information:

To learn more about how to bring The Future Thinking Simulation to your organization and open the minds of your leaders and key talent to be more of a strategic thinker and make better and more effective decisions, contact us.