Key Talent – Critical to Organizational Success

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Image 5 - Key-Talent-photo-shutterstock_106781036-300x186Hiring and developing key talent is one of the best business decisions a leader will make. You can have the best business plan in place yet without effective leaders your plan will be less successful.

Many talented individual contributors are promoted into a leadership role with little or no training. All of a sudden the key skills that served them as an individual contributor are not the same skills that will support their success as a leader. The transition during the first ninety days in that new role is critical.

There are ten core challenges while transitioning into a new leadership role as described in the book, The First 90 Days, Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders At All Levels, Michael Watkins, Harvard Business School Press that will set up your new leader for a successful onboarding process.

  1. Promote Yourself
  2. Accelerate Your Learning
  3. Match Strategy to Situation
  4. Secure Early Wins
  5. Negotiate Success
  6. Achieve Alignment
  7. Build Your Team
  8. Create Coalitions
  9. Keep Your Balance
  10. Expedite Everyone

As a leader of an organization, it is critical to hire the right key talent and ensure that they are set up for success from day one thus increasing the chance for business and individual success.