Master Your Results System™

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Image 9 - Master your resultsHave you ever found that no matter what you try differently, you keep ending up with the same result?  Have you felt stuck at times and been without a clue on what steps to take to move forward?  That’s your Results System in action!

The Results System, developed by Sydney Rice, M.Ed, illustrates a masterful internal system that allows us to effortlessly repeat tasks and apply our ways of thinking and doing things as we have always done them.  It is masterful in that the system allows us to create consistency in our results without a second thought.  Yet, while the system often works for us, it can also work against us when what we are striving for is change and new results in our businesses.

As you can see from the illustration below, the Results System consists of two sides, one visible and one invisible. Ms Rice writes that we are generally aware of about 80 percent of the visible side. So, for the most part, we are pretty clear about the goals that we’ve set, based on the choices and options we feel are available to us, that lead to the tangible actions we take, and thus create our results. On the other side of the system, we have the invisible perceptions, beliefs, habits, expectations and assumptions that we are likely to be largely unaware of.  At times, without us knowing it, this invisible side of the system limits our ability to make the changes we want to make.  It truly wants to keep us safe by repeating the patterns that have worked for us in the past…even though they may not be working for us now.

In order to master our Results System, we must shine the light on the invisible aspects and determine which ones are supporting our efforts to change and which must be reexamined and replaced with new beliefs, habits and assumptions that will allow us to move forward and obtain the results we desire. Making these shifts, in a conscious way, allows us to open up more choices and options that can help us take the next leap in our business growth.