The coaching process can provide you the focus, tools, support and accountability to position you for success!

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • High Potentials Coaching
  • Career Coaching

Would your Executives, Leaders, and High Potential Key Performers benefit from partnering with a coach to personalize their development and ensure they are aligned for business and individual success?

Being a strategic thinker, ensuring the alignment of communication and relationship building, while effectively executing can be a challenge whether business is soaring, struggling, or going through transition.

What Is Your Impact and Are You Set Up For Success?


Bercume Associates: Coaching Process

The coaching process can provide you the focus, tools, support and accountability to position you for success!

Here Is An Example Of The Coaching Process:
    1. Set up expectations for coaching process and relationship.
    2. Identify objectives and clarify roles.
    3. Expand the awareness of self and others through assessments and feedback.
    4. Clarify goals for the coaching with specific actions and measures.
    5. Provide coaching format that best serves the client’s process and desired outcomes.
    6. Utilize various tools, practice and assessments focused on moving the client forward toward reaching his/her peak potential.
    7. Evaluate process and determine next steps.
What Are Some Common Reasons People Seek Coaching?
  1. Expanding Executive/Leadership– strategic thinking, creativity and innovation

  2. Building Management Skills – coaching and developing people, creating a motivational and productive environment, directing and delegating, setting goals, and providing feedback

  3. High Potentials – developing and engaging key high potentials for ongoing success

  4. Transitioning – understanding what is changing, managing the process, and leading others

  5. Building Confidence – self-esteem, confidence in self and work

  6. Career Development – developing for now and the future

  7. Working Collaboratively – working professionally and effectively with others


What Are Some Of The Coaching Tools And Assessments We Recommend?


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