Who is Your Ideal Client?

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Do some clients energize you and some drain your energy?

What percentage of your clients energize you?


As a business owner, especially a new business owner, we are quick to say yes to take on new clients without really qualifying how much of an ideal client they are for our business.

Have you ever considered saying no to those clients that drain your energy? Why would you want to do that?

By saying no to the clients that are not ideal, we open up space for those we are meant to serve. We do our best work with our ideal client. Therefore, they accomplish what they want to accomplish and are more likely to refer us onto other folks who are our ideal clients.

When we take on clients that are not ideal, we are out of our own integrity. We sometimes even get a “pit in our stomach” that doesn’t serve us or our clients well.

Chapter One of Book Yourself Solid, by Michael Port explains a concept called a Red Velvet Rope Policy. This policy enables the most ideal clients, the ones who energize and inspire you, to come into your business and it keeps out the ones that are not ideal.

The Red Velvet Rope Policy asks you to consider the following questions:

• What type of people do you love being around?

• What are the qualities you’d like your ideal clients to possess?

• What do they talk about?

• What do they like to do?

• How would you define your ideal client?

Create a profile of your ideal client. Use these questions to help you start to craft the profile. Once you feel good about the profile, use this to determine who passes through the Red Velvet Rope and watch the impact on your business and your energy level.