Access Your Results System for Increased Success!

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There are times when we are in the groove and feel things are cranking along in the moment. Then there are times that we can’t seem to get out of our own way. Our Internal Results System has an impact on this! 

In order to achieve results, we take certain actions based on choices we made from what we felt were our available options based on our conscious or unconscious goals. This is the part of decision making we are aware of, and as a system it generally works pretty well.

However, sometimes we are on autopilot and do not even realize it. The more we are aware of the behaviors and actions that are not serving us well, the more we can create success and joy in our lives. The invisible part of the Results System can feel like it is “underwater” and hidden.

• Perceptions: How we see it
• Beliefs: What we believe about it
• Habits: How we have done things before
• Expectations: What we anticipate will happen
• Assumptions: What we suppose to be true about the results

While we are generally aware of about 80% of the visible part of the Results System, we can be in the dark about the invisible gears.  These are the gears that determine “how we show up” at any given moment! 

Understanding and tapping into the Results System is key to creating extraordinary results.  One of the tools we use to do so is a Results Road Map where we create a critical path to success.  This sets us up for success to achieve results and enjoy the journey along the way.


Results Roadmap – create a critical pathway to greatness!

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For more information on how to begin utilizing the Results Roadmap to tap into your Results System and achieve greater success, contact Deb Bercume, Executive Coach.